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Eduzim career guidance with global unemployment rates and estimated salary. Here is what you need to pursue career.


  • Education: Mathematics,Economics and Accounting,English language,Customer and Personal Service,Computers and Electronics
  • Estimated Earnings: 28-370 000 USD per year.
  • Global unemployment rate: 2,5%.


  • Education: Fine arts, English language.
  • Estimated Earnings: 9-40 USD per hour.
  • Global unemployment rate: 90% (according to:Actor’s Equity Association)

Administrative Law Judges, Adjudicators, and Hearing Officers

  • Education: Law and Government, English Language, Administration and Management
  • Estimated Earnings: 64-90 000 USD Depending on seniority.
  • Global unemployment rate: (not available)

Aerospace Engineer

  • Engineering and Technology ,Design,Computers and Electronics,Physics,Production and Processing
  • Estimated Earnings: 60 USD per hour
  • Global unemployment rate: 1.1 – 1.4%

Advertising and Promotions Manager

  • Education:Sales and Marketing, English Language, Customer and Personal Service, Communications and Media, Administration and Management, Design, Computers and Electronics, Production and Processing, Fine arts
  • Estimated Earnings: 72000 to 108000 based on tenure level, education, and experience in the advertising and marketing fields
  • Global unemployment rate: 96,9%

Agricultural Engineer

  • Education: Engineering and Technology,Design,Physics,Mathematics,Food Production,Mechanical,English Language, Production and Processing,Biology
  • Estimated Earnings: 73 000 a year.
  • Global unemployment rate: 3.0%

Ambulance Driver and/ Attendant( Except Emergency Medical Technician)

  • Education: Medicine and Dentistry, Customer and Personal Service, Geography
  • Estimated Earnings: 16 000 and 24 000 depending on seniority levels
  • Global unemployment rate: not available


  • Education: Physics, Mathematics
  • Estimated Earnings:$106,360 per year, or $51.14 per hour.
  • Global unemployment rate: 0.3%

Air Traffic Controller

  • Education: Transportation, Telecommunication, English Language, Physics, Computer and Electronics.
  • Estimated Earnings:$123 000 USD a year.
  • Global unemployment rate: Below 3%

Animal Trainer

  • Education: Education and Training, Biology.
  • Estimated Earnings: lowest paid trainers earned less than $18,160 (
  • Global unemployment rate: not available

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