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How accurate is the view that the Directory added nothing to the achievements of the French Revolution?

The key issue is an assessment of the contribution of the Directory to the achievements of the French Revolution.Candidates are likely to argue that the view is rather too harsh on the Directory, and certainly inaccurate. The Directory has sometimes been acclaimed as the most successful of the revolutionary governments. This statement shows that the Directory did have some notable achievements toits credit. The Directory inherited most of its problems from the Convention. As it could not altogether solve these problems, it is sometimes judged somewhat harshly. Yet the Directory had a fair amount of success. Many of the reforms Napoleon was to make later were made possible by her preliminary work of the directory. Financially, the Directory made efforts to solve the problem of inflation. Although the directory was not successful in this regard, Ramel, the controller-general of finance, managed to balance the budget for the first time. In addition, the revised taxation system functioned better than ever before. So-far, it is clear that the Directory added something to what had already been achieved by previous governments. Compared to the National Convention, where there was the Reign of Terror, there was more political stability and personal security during the Directory rule. The Directory, through the efforts of Napoleon Bonaparte, was able to achieve general peace in Europe. This was through the Italian campaign. Through this campaign, France obtained territory in the form of Belgium and the Rhineland. Therefore, the above view does not accurately represent Directory rule.