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The Ties That Bind Analysis – Chidavaenzi

The Ties That Bind Analysis – Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 1

Chidavaenzi exposes the readers to the contemporary issues in modern society. To some extent the author overthrows the existence of a partriachal society in Zimbabwe. This is ensured through use of powerful and self dependent female characters like Jackie.

In this chapter ,Chidavaenzi also reveals the behaviour of urban dwellers who are portrayed as alcoholists . Alcoholism is used as a means of escapism..Jackie says she drinks alcohol to clear her head

Lincoln who is so peculiar about health matters mentions how he used to drink in his *wild years* thus bringing out an element of suspense .

Moving on , Lincoln offers a clear contrast between traditional foods and fast foods . He says traditional foods would lengthen one’s lifespan whereas fast foods would send one to the grave before their time.

The author in this chapter reveals the mysteries surrounding Lincoln’s life where he says “..But there was something odd about his extreme self-containment”

Debatable *

Fiona Kanda is the acting C.E.O of pentagon Bank is facing prosecution and us being disqualified as a chartered accountant and an auditor. In other words , it seems according to the prosecutors ,the bank is failing because of her ….

Can we say women are still oppressed and regarded as lacking even if they attain higher posts ???..considering the fact that her opponent is a male, Mr  Mazembe

Others would say : So long a woman is at the top  it’s called women empowerment !

Validate these assertions

Corruption is yet another issue dealt with in this chapter. Jackie says,”Zimbabwe has become so rotten everyone seems to believe the only free….” Her statement shows the extremes of corruption in modern society .

The authorial voice is heard through Lincoln who it’s not the sanctions but lack of unity of purpose and selfishness have made the effectsore devastating.( P.g4)

Taking for example , the common plight plight of workers revealed by Chidavaenzi is on payment of Aids Levy. The intended beneficiaries never seem to benefit and it’s the workers who cry foul

In the same conversation ,the readers are enlightened of the stigma people living with Aids succumb to.

Challenges facing inter-racial relationships are also tackled. Jackie refers to Lincoln’s view concerning her relationship as prejudical . The visual imagery used (clenching of teeth) shows Jackie’s frustration towards her friend’s opinion.

The readers are introduced to yet another character Chiedza whose past life is rather tragic .

Jackie knows of her friend’s shady past and is not sure if Lincoln will still accept her

Debatable *

In the reception at the high court are French Impressionist paintings ,black and white portraits of Hubert Harrods and Bernard Bradshaw e.t.c.   no renovations have been made to appreciate Africans . This therefore shows lack of Independence from a colonial mentality and society.


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