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Various reasons why totems are no longer respected today

Generally, there’s a Christian/religious misconception that if you follow and respect totems you are worshipping the dark forces/pagan gods. 

These are sentiments of a Westernized and myopic Christian who relates and align every aspect of our cultural norms and values as being demonic, as their masters told our great grandfather during the colonisation(enlightment era), so that fallacy have uprooted to a broad social theory believed by many new generations meaning to say, that which used to be sacred and worthwhile to our elders who came before us is now profane and valueless.

Equally important, this is the same discussion I had with our one and only Cultural Professor Mupepereki on the question: *”African Culture is facing extinction”* It is a matter of beliefs and misconceptions and who is influencing who on such social discourse, though overall according to research I strongly believe the question is an attempt to discredit/disregard the African culture. 

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