“Gucci Mai Bona”: Former First Lady Grace Mugabe Steals The Show At The Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2024 Pageant

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe was the star of the show last night at the Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2024 crowning.


Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2024 In Harare

The event occurred at Prophet Uebert Angel’s Harare Hippodrome in Braeside in the capital.

Bulawayo psychotherapist and fashion design student Sakhile Dube scooped the coveted prize, shaking off competition from 17 other beauties. Lisa Sibanda and Ruvimbo Njomboro clinched second and third place, respectively.

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Stars like the Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 winner Brooke Bruk-Jackson, Madam Boss, Mudiwa Hood, Ginimbi Lite and more graced the red carpet, themed “Met Gala.”

Media personalities Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa and MisRed were the directors of the ceremony. The pageant judges were Miss South Africa 2022, Ndavi Nokeri, Miss Malaika 2001, Brita Masalethulini, Kevin The Wedding Planner, Hilder Mabu and Taku Mhlanga.

However, the judge who grabbed all the attention on the lineup was former First Lady Grace Mugabe.


Grace Mugabe Steals Hearts At The Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2024

Grace has been appearing in public more lately. She attended President Mnangagwa’s inauguration in September 2023 and VP Chiwenga’s wedding in December of the same year. The President even forgave Grace Mugabe at the wedding over their nasty past.

In 2017, before the coup, Grace hated then-VP Emmerson Mnangagwa’s gut and did not hesitate to humiliate him at public rallies. When Mugabe gave up power in November 2017, Grace slid out of the public eye and kept her life private.

Now, she is creeping back into the spotlight.

Last night, Grace waltzed in as one of the Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2024, much to the thrill of Zimbos at the event and online.


Grace Mugabe Miss Universe
Former First Lady Grace Mugabe Steals The Show At The Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2024 Pageant [Image: ZiFM]


The disc jockey at the event even saw her presence as a chance to have fun.

He played rapper Saintfloew’s hit Bipolar, which has the line, “Gucci mai Bona, vakati ‘Stop It’ mukadai mafa.” Grace heard the line and pulled off facial expressions and a smile to indicate she was taking notice.



Zimbos Smitten

Grace Mugabe caused a stir on social media.


“I don’t know why Grace Mugabe can’t go the Graca Machel route. Get a seasoned regional political leader to settle with. Simple. Those Zim politicians are all beneath her. Achirikunzwa.”


“Pane ane number dzaGucci here panezvandiri kuda kubvunza.”


“She is very classy.”


“Dr Amai Grace Mugabe, one of the judges at Miss Universe Zimbabwe 🇿🇼… she is lit 🔥 as always 😘 looking younger, cool and beautiful than she was when she was in politics ❤️”

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