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CALA TITLE: Wife inheritance and forced marriage : marriage in I Will Wait

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Marriage is one of the oldest institutions in human society. As society has evolved so has the institution. There are some forms that have been outdated while others have been embraced. In I Will Wait, Msora brings to trial the issue of wife inheritance and how it takes away the freedom of individual, Rudo to be more specific.

Analysis of the poem “Neither fruit nor Shelter” by thomas bvuma

The Snake Never Stirs - Every stone that turns

Thomas Bvuma’s poem “Neither fruit nor shelter” is a powerful commentary on the devastating effects of poverty, displacement, and the erosion of natural resources. Through vivid and stark imagery, the poet depicts a bleak and desolate landscape where the only surviving beings are a baby and a decaying elephant.

Critical appreciation of the poem “The Real Poetry” – Every Stone that turns

The Snake Never Stirs - Every stone that turns

“The real poetry” is a poem¬† that speaks to the idea that real poetry is not simply found in words, but rather in the experiences and struggles of people who have been oppressed and marginalized. The poem is divided into nine stanzas, each of which highlights a different aspect of this idea.

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