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Discuss how various forms of baptism impact on the society

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The Christian concept of baptism has attracted massive debates in religious circles. There seems however to be some sort of consensus among scholars of religion that baptism, being a rite refers to an outward act which has a bearing on one’s inner being. There are several forms of baptism in Christianity which include but are not confined to; water baptism (immersion), crossing the fire baptism, spirit baptism, annointing oil baptism as well as marching under the flag baptism. These forms of baptism have both positive and negative effects on the society which among many include; curtail social ills, promote good citizenship and fuel poverty. This paper seeks to discuss how various forms of baptism impact on the society.

Discuss how Christianity contributes towards good health and well-being in your society

Christianity, good health not only refers to the absence of disease but encompasses a state of mental, emotional, financial and spiritual fitness and wellness. In the Zimbabwean society, Christianity has made immense contributions towards ensuring good health and well-being.

Spirits are an essential component in Indigenous Religion.” How valid is this assertion?

It is a truism that spirits are an essential component in Indigenous Religion. Spirits refer to inhabitants of an invisible world which is distinct but not separate from the visible one since they are deemed to have effective powers over the material world. Spirits in Indigenous Religion include avenging, alien, ancestral and lion spirits. On one hand, these spirits promote the sacredity of human life, profitable enterprise in Indigenous Religion, communication between the indigenous

Analyse the attributes of God in Indigenous Religion


The Supreme Being in Indigenous Religion has a plethora of attributes which are also ascribed to the names given to him by the Indigenous peoples. These characteristics include but are not confined to; omnipresence, omnipotence, eternity, immanence and transcendence. However, some of these attributes have been questioned by scholars of religion as they appear to […]

Discuss the criteria used to distinguish true from false prophets in Judaism

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Scholars of religions are not agreed on the credentials that one needs to possess in order to be considered in the bracket of true prophets. In Judaism, a prophet refers to the mouthpiece of Yahweh. The criterion tabled to test the authenticity of a prophet include but is not limited to; receiving a clear prophetic […]

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