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Analyse the attributes of God in Indigenous Religion


The Supreme Being in Indigenous Religion has a plethora of attributes which are also ascribed to the names given to him by the Indigenous peoples. These characteristics include but are not confined to; omnipresence, omnipotence, eternity, immanence and transcendence. However, some of these attributes have been questioned by scholars of religion as they appear to […]

FRS Islam Notes

Islam is a religion that was founded by Muhammad in Mecca around the 7th century. However,
most Muslims argue that Muhammad did not found the religion; he simply reminded people of
what they already knew. . Islam means “submission to God.” Its followers are called Muslims
meaning one who surrenders or submits to Allah.

Discuss how Christianity contributes towards good health and well-being in your society

Christianity, good health not only refers to the absence of disease but encompasses a state of mental, emotional, financial and spiritual fitness and wellness. In the Zimbabwean society, Christianity has made immense contributions towards ensuring good health and well-being.

Prophecy in Israel

3 PILLARS OF THE ISRAELITE RELIGION Priesthood, Law, & Prophecy. debate as to whether the 3 pillars were connected or separate. Prophecy made a later appearance when compared to the law and the priesthood. However, some scholars think that prophecy was as old as the other two pillars. It can be traced to the […]