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The French Revolution(1789 – 1799): Causes

The french revolution

The French Revolution has wider consequences for both France and Europe, and indeed, the world at large. Therefore there is need for thorough coverage of the major issues in this topic. In this chapter, a focused discussion of the causes of the revolution will be undertaken, while in the next chapter, the main focus will be the course of the revolution. On the causes, students are expected not only to identify the causes, but to analyze them by showing how each cause led to the French Revolution. A mere description of events should be avoided. In this chapter, therefore, the causes will be identified, and then each will be discussed in turn.

“The French Revolution was caused by the character of Louis XVI.” Do you agree?

The French Revolution Crash Course

The position that the character of Louis XVI caused the French Revolution of 1789 does not hold much water. On one hand, Louis XVI was incompetent, weak-willed and arrogant thereby incapacitating him from addressing the plights of the Frenchmen. On the other hand, there was a plethora of other factors that contributed to the outbreak of the French Revolution