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10 Ways on How to study a novel

How to stugy a novel

1. Read the Novel more than once

You will need to read the Novel more than once. Start by reading it quickly for pleasure then slowly.Reading a novel multiple times will generate new ideas and help you to memorize details of the story.

2.Write notes

On your third reading, make detailed notes on themes, characters,plot and so on. 

3.Your response

How do your response towards characters change during the course of the novel? write that down.

4.Who is telling the story

From whose point of view are events described? Think of a reason for that.


Does the setting play any part in the novel?It usually does.


Identify and write down styles of language used in the novel.What effect do they have to the story.


What is the effect of the novel’s ending? Is the story complete or you are left in suspense.Does that have any effect to the theme?


Does the novel present a moral and just world?

9.Your opinion

Wherever possible, find your own example from the novel to backup your opinions.

10.Expressing your ideas

Always express your ideas in your own words.

By: T.Titus Nyakudyara
Twitter: @NyakudyaraTitus

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