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20 functions of prophets

20 Functions of prophets

  1. Conveying divine revelations
  2. Guiding people towards righteousness
  3. Providing spiritual guidance
  4. Calling people to worship one God
  5. Foretelling future events
  6. Warning of impending disasters
  7. Interpreting dreams and visions
  8. Exhorting people to repentance
  9. Advocating for justice and equality
  10. Challenging oppressive rulers
  11. Preserving and teaching religious scriptures
  12. Performing miracles as signs of their prophethood
  13. Healing the sick and afflicted
  14. Supporting and advising their followers
  15. Promoting moral and ethical values
  16. Reviving religious practices
  17. Guiding people in times of crisis
  18. Promoting peace and harmony
  19. Reforming society
  20. Being role models for their communities

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