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A. Introduction (where I got it)

a. black cat
b. given to me
c. it was still small
d. it is now about four years old

B. Body (Paragraph II) its food

a. fed twice a day
b. mornings, meat or milk
c. at night meat or special cat food
d. very fond of milk
e. laps it up

Paragraph III

a. her claws
b. her pads
c. hunting during daytime and at night
d. thick fur and wonderful eyes
e. always finds her way home

Paragraph IV (her ways)

a. beautiful, gentle, clean

b. washes herself after eating
c. like a fire in winter
d. shows pleasure by purring

C. Conclusion

a. I love my cat
b. I look after her

Vocabulary that may used

  • fluffy – beautiful, gentle and clean
  • fond of – licking
  • laps it up – strokes
  • beast of prey – pleasure
  • long, curved and sharp – purring
  • soft pads – stray from home
  • nocturnal


  • as black as coal, as white as snow
  • as gentle as a lamb
  • as wise as an owl
  • as sharp as a needle (claws)

Descriptive composition

Describing Any Person

Face and head: round, oval, long, small, square-jawed, thin, bullet, wrinkled, friendly, freckled,
bald-headed, dark in complexion, light in complexion, white in complexion.

Forehead: narrow, flat, bulging, straight, broad, enormous

Nose: long, flat, straight, broad. Enormous, bulbous, aquiline (eagle-like)

Hair: straight, wavy, curly, matted, unkempt, fine, tangled, brown, grey-haired, long, silky,
bobbed, plaited

Eyes: clear, bright, large, small, brown, blue, sly, merry, beady, twinkling, sparkling, round,

Mouth, lips and teeth: wide, thin, straight, stained, bad, decayed, gleaming, irregular, projecting, prominent, uneven, well-brushed, thick

Skin: pale, tanned, dusky, fair, sunburnt, rough, smooth, freckled, pimply, blotchy.

Figures: tall, short, lanky, stout, thin, frail, athletic, bent, sturdy, stalwart, manly, powerful, gigantic, deformed, robust, broad chest, upright, bow-legged, big-chested.

Character: humble, kind hearted, proud, naught, greedy, selfish, cheerful, miserable, honest, charming, mean, loyal, generous, lovable, bold, stubborn, short-tempered, forgiving, unforgiving, merciless, brave, hardworking,, good tempered, coward, jovial, headstrong, shy, unforgiving

Voice: low, high-pitched, squeaky, sweet, shrill, hoarse, deep, harsh, bass, nasal, guttural,

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