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O level Commerce Quiz 4049/1 specimen paper 1

#1. The purpose of an indent is to state the

#2. Which is not mass marketing?

#3. Which service enables people in different locations to speak face to face?

#4. Which is not true of Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies?

#5. The diagram shows sources of finance available to “BEN AND TICH” Pvt Limited Company.Which of the above does not attract interest?

#6. Which is a risky investment?

#7. Which medium can a school use to advertise broilers?

#8. Which telecommunication sends exact copies of diagram?

#9. In containerisation, the term “groupage” means

#10. Which organisation finances foreign trade?

#11. A wholesale formed by farmers is a

#12. Which is a function of the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ)?

#13. The reward for enterprise is

#14. Which product is suitable for a niche market?

#15. Freightliners are

#16. Which is an objective of the Small Enterprise Development Corporation (SEDCO)?

#17. The term “limited” in an incorporated business means that

#18. Which is not an advantage of specialisation?

#19. What is not considered when calculating the balance of trade?

#20. Which insurance principle states that the insured must not make a profit?

#21. Which policy falls under assurance?

#22. Which is not a characteristic of an entrepreneur?

#23. Which document states the objects of a company?

#24. Which policy covers customers injured within the shop?

#25. The service offered by building societies is

#26. X insures his car valued at $20 000 against accidents for $12 000. Later the car is involved in an accident and the cost of repairs is $6 000. What amount will the insurance company pay as compensation?

#27. Which is not a function of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe?

#28. X insures his car valued at $20 000 against accidents for $12 000. Later the car is involved in an accident and the cost of repairs is $6 000.Which principle is applied to determine the compensation?

#29. Which mode of communication is considered as formal?

#30. Which is not allowed in a bonded warehouse?

#31. Which mode of communication can a trader use to encourage customers to respond to a survey?

#32. Which document is used to request payment from customers?

#33. Trade Measures Act deals with

#34. Which action is taken to correct an unfavourable balance of payment?

#35. Which is the correct order in the production process?

#36. A document used when goods are transported by sea is a bill of

#37. Why has the volume of cargo carried by air increased?

#38. Which type of warehouse is located near customers?

#39. In which stage of production is more value added to goods?

#40. Which is a producer good?


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