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Vienna settlement 1814/15 Zimbabwe A Level History Notes

Great powers representatives at Vienna settlement. (congress)

  • Metternich of Austria
  • Francis 1 of Prussia
  • Castlereagh of Britain
  • Talleyrand of France
  • and Tsar Alexander of Prussia

Background history of Vienna settlement

  • This conference started in 1814 and was disrupted by napoleon escape from st Elba and continued in 1815
  • This conference was held after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • French Revolution and napoleon had caused war and turmoil for 20years
  • Great powers were worried about how to maintain peace after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • All discussions at Vienna were surrounded by fear of possible war and desire to maintain peace in Europe.
  • This meeting was held in Austria in the city of Vienna .

Prince Metternich of Austria

Austria was made up of people of different nationalities.

These include, Austrians, checzs, magyrs, poles, slavs,

If these people were given liberty to form their
governments, Austria will become a weak state

So Metternich was influenced by this fear of nationalism
and liberalism

Metternich at Vienna was vocal about suppression of
nationalism and liberalism.
These selfish reasons also shaped Vienna settlement

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