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Why did Islam spread so rapidly within Tropical Africa during the last quarter of the 19th century?

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An analysis of the explanations why Islam appealed to Africans is predicted, as is a few understanding of the geographical, political, economic and cultural framework forming the required preconditions for Islam’s speedy enlargement. The unfold of Islam in many areas ought to be thought of.

Islam had natural benefits:

• In several areas of continent it had been established for hundreds of years.
• each Brits and also the French illegal Christian missionaries from areas wherever Islam was established (British in Sokoto Caliphate/French within the interior of Senegal) – this expedited enlargement.
• Muslim migrant staff unfold Islam in each geographic region (north of the Gold Coast and among West African groundnut farmers in Senegal) and geographical region (Arab-Swahili traders from the coast carried Islam into the interior).
• Islam additionally had a message that was easier to know (acceptance of God and Muhammad meant instant membership of the Umma, no long catechumenate as for Christians).

• Socially and culturally Islam was terribly compatible with African traditions and behavior (polygamy/extended family systems).
There were additionally political reasons for the unfold of Islam:
• It might rely upon the whim of the ruler (as in state wherever the Kabaka Mutesa used the Swahili Arabs to encourage trade till vulnerable by a Muslim invasion from the north creating it a lot of advantageous to ally himself with Christian missionaries).
• The institution of colonial rule brought relative peace and stability and improved transport and communications systems permitting faith to unfold.
• Islam wasn’t related to colonial conquest that meant in several areas it had beena lot ofin style than Christianity.
Strong responses might be expected to specialise in why Islam unfold quickly within the half-moon of the nineteenth century and in their analysis determine obvious links to the colonial enlargement of england and France.

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