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(Deno) Ndakaziva haitungamiri

(Deno) Ndakaziva haitungamiri

English Direct Translation 

Had I known I would not have done it. 


  1. Ndakaziva haana zano. 
  2. Dai ndakaziva haabatsiri.
  3. Usayeuka bako waniwa.(Do not think of the cave after getting wet)
  4. Usapepuka dete gobvu rapinda. (Do not try to resolve small matters when big issues have come up.)
  5. Usayeuka bindu vamwe vakohwa. (Do not think of ploughing the field when others have harvested.)

Shona Explanation 

Munhu inzwawo mazano evamwe urege kuzozvichema woti dai ndakaziva asi izvo zvinhu zvacho zvatoitika.

English Explanation

Take heed of advice before it is too late. A child who is always told not to go out walking in the dark, for example, may heed the advice after a snake bite.

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