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Mutoko Primary School

Background History of Mutoko Primary School

Mutoko Primary School is located in Mashonaland East Province in Mutoko District. It is of The United Methodist Church. Mutoko Primary School is a Missionary School. It was started by white missionary Dr Gan. On the 26th of June 1918 the Missionary School was officially opened by government officials, missionaries and surrounding communities. It is located in Chapfika village. It is near the Harare-Nyamapanda highway near a mountain called Nyamaere.

Mutoko Primary School Pictures

Services Provided At Mutoko Primary School

At Mutoko Primary School, services that are provided include teaching and learning. Call curricular activities are also done at this institution. Projects such as gardening, feeding chickens and feeding learners from ECD A to grade 2 are currently done.


There are 15 male teachers and 43 female teachers at Mutoko Primary school. All in all there are 58 teachers. Looking at learners, there are 1083 boys and 1102 girl. This means that there are 2185 learners at the institution. (As at September 2022)

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