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English Model Compositions

Model Composition 1

The Person I Admire Most


The person I admire most is a woman named Francesca. She has an extraordinary job as a secretary in a law firm at Raffles Boulevard. This job makes high demands on cer time. But what astounds me about her is not her job, but her unconditional love for animals.

I first got to know her when I visited the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to get a cat. Francesca was there, tending to one of the dogs which had a swollen paw. It was only a tender pup so I approached her to ask about the animal. I became increasingly disgusted as she told me the story of how the puppy was ill-treated. It was a kindly passer-by who took the puppy to the SPCA after realising that its owner ill-treated it. I then asked if she was a vet and I was surprised to find that she was an SPCA volunteer. I was moved by her devotion to her cause and asked if I could become a volunteer myself. We became good friends as she sat down to give me some details on what it was like helping to look after these loveable animals.

Since then, she has inspired me in many ways. I have not only learnt how to thoroughly care for my cat, but my interest and love for animals has grown since meeting her. I find it incredible that despite her busy schedule as a secretary, she still finds the time to go there more than three times a week to see to the animals. Perhaps I will do the same in future, as I only volunteer at the SPCA during the weekends now.




Model Composition 2

Memories Of My Grandfather


When I was young, I always had the idea that my grandfather as a surly old man who made my grandmother upset all the time. She complained so much about him that she had every relative of ours believing that he was an extremely hostile person. At one time, even I believed her complaints. However, as I grew older, I began to take the time to get to know my grandfather.


I realised that he was not at all like what my grandmother said. He was someone who was independent. He loved travelling by train where he could go from one end of Singapore to the other with ease. Sometimes, I would catch him walking around the bus interchange in my area. When that happened, we would head for the food centre for a drink or some food. I became extremely fond of my grandfather and I would make the extra effort to have a close relationship with him.

The shocking news of his death came at the time of my June holidays two years ago. I remember how I cried the whole time at his funeral. I felt a great loss for some time and I refused to do anything else but mope around the house. Although the rest of the relatives were not so attached to him, I knew that they felt sad too.

Today, I still remember my grandfather as a caring person . His memories will always stay with me. like a box of treasure which can only be opened by me.


Model Composition 3

My Encounter With A School Bully


A classmate of mine was once whacked by a girl twice her size. The bully was a brilliant twelve-year-old who never liked to put her intelligence to good use. I know her only as Catherine. Although that incident occurred a few months ago, I can still recall the event as if it happened only yesterday.


Michelle and I were in the toilet when Catherine walked in. She looked menacingly at both of us and walked up to Michelle. She grabbed Michelle’s wrist painfully, demanding the branded watch that she was wearing. I stepped in to help Michelle but Catherine was stronger. She hit me hard across the jaw with her elbow and I fell to the wet ground of the toilet. When Michelle refused to give Catherine her watch, Catherine simply helped herself to it and pushed Michelle to the ground. I was groggy from the fall so I could not get up in time to stop Catherine from kicking Michelle repeatedly in the stomach. I lay on the ground dazed and horrified at what was happening to my best friend in school.

Michelle’s screaming and groaning for Catherine to stop alerted some students passing by the toilet. They rushed to inform some teachers and soon, the whole ordeal was over. Catherine was expelled from school that very afternoon without further explanation and pleading. Although I believe in second chances, it was Catherine’s third bullying incident in school and I was rather relieved that I would not have to face her again in future.


Model Composition 4

Describe An Animal That You would Like As A Pet


My first fetching cat was an `accidental’ pet. Since then, I find that cats make far more interesting pets than dogs. It was a cold and rainy night when I picked up a grey and white stray cat along the street. It was for a friend of mine who had always wanted a cat.

However, as it turned out, her parents would not let her keep the cat. It was dumped at my house for keeps. I thought of letting it go, but I realised that it was rather cruel of me to first take it away from its mother and release it when no one wanted it. So I decided to look after it. The first few weeks were surprisingly easy. I had it toilet trained within two days. Within a week, it knew which parts of the house it was permitted.

I was ecstatic after a month when I realised that it had actually grown from its initial scrawny state. Its eyes became a brilliant bright blue and they sparkled under the sunlight when we played. Cats do not play in the same manner as dogs. But while my cat does not fetch balls or sticks, I enjoy wrestling gently with it on the grass.

I look after it by shampooing its thick fur once a week, then gently brushing out the knotted areas on its body. I clip its nails so that it will not hurt itself when it scratches and generally, make sure that it’s in good health. I also bring it to the vet at the first signs of an illness.



Model Composition 5

A Wonderful Surprise

It was almost Christmas and I was feeling a little down and out. My best friend, Huilin, had just migrated to Canada and I was sad that we would not be able to spend time together like we did in the past. She would always spend Christmas Day over at my house and we would have so much fun too. But now, despite Christmas being a busy cleaning and cake baking season, I was bored at home, with little else to do.


I received a postcard from her just days after she left, with the pleasant news that she would return this Christmas to visit me. I was so thrilled. I could not stop running around the house with glee for a full half hour. Then, a telephone call came for me two days later. It was Huilin calling from her new home in Canada. She told me that she would be too busy settling down at her new home to return this Christmas. My heart sank. While I was glad to hear her familiar voice over the telephone, I was saddened by the news. I hung up trying not to let my disappointment show too much.

On Christmas Eve, my relatives and friends gathered at my place for a small dinner. I heard a taxi drive up to the front door and someone alighting from it. I looked out of my window and to my great surprise, it was Huilin! We greeted each other with a bear hug, ran inside the house and told each other stories about what happened since we last saw each other.


Model Composition 6

A Birthday Present I Once Received

I remember distinctly a birthday present I received two years ago. It was my tenth birthday. Mother and Father were busy preparing for my tenth birthday party. They wanted it to be special for me although I would have preferred a simpler birthday. I helped to put up my own balloons and streamers in the house to give it a party mood. My relatives and friends came on time. It was a wonderful day.


I always receive tons of gifts on my birthday, but that year, one gift surprised me the most. My aunt, who had just got back from Australia, arrived with a brown cardboard box in her hands. She was carrying it with utmost care and there was a yellow ribbon placed on top of the box. However, what caught my attention was not the brightly coloured ribbon but the numerous tiny holes around the box. My aunt told me to open it immediately because it was small and it needed care. I thought it was strange to open a present before cutting the birthday cake but she sounded so serious that I had to open the box.

Before I peered inside the box, a tiny nose popped out from under the lid. I gently lifted the lid and found the cutest little thing alive. It was a guinea pig from Australia. Its hair was white and long and it made a high-pitched squeal whenever it became scared. I decided to name it Phi Phi because of its squeal. Everyone at the party thought it was adorable. Even my elder sister, who disliked animals, took to it. It was a special gift that I treasure till today.



Model Composition 7

My Noisy Neighbours


It is frustrating coming home from school every evening. The noise from my two neighbours is enough to kill me! I thought living in a private housing estate would mean more peace and quiet. However, I soon found out I was wrong. I never really liked living in a flat because it was cramped and stuffy. My terrace house is larger, but while I have a bigger house in which to move around, I have to tolerate my neighbours and their quarrels.


It all happened one day when one of my neighbours, Mr Sim (the one living to the left of my house), found his pair of shoes at the front door of old Mr Koh’s house. Mr Koh lives to the right of my house. Mr Sim then accused Mr Koh of stealing his shoes. Mr Koh then told Mr Sim that he did not steal those shoes, but Mr Sim would not believe him. From that day on, the two men never stopped quarrelling. I especially hate it when they meet each other in front of my house to settle their quarrels. They got so noisy one day that I threatened to call the police should their fighting continue.

Since that time, the two men have tried to be less quarrelsome. As for me, I try not to think about how noisy they can be sometimes.



Model Composition 8

A Friend Who Did Not Listen


Carol and I were hiking in a forested area. We had a long weekend and we decided to do something out of the ordinary. The forest was cool and shady despite the scorching sun.

We came to a river soon enough. According to the map, the only way to the other side and the shelter was to cross the river. I looked down and saw the gushing water flowing over a rocky river bed. There was a thin wooden plank in front of us. I did not think it would hold both our weights so I looked around, searching for another way to cross the river. Further up the river, I spotted a wooden bridge and I told Carol that we should use it to cross the river. She shook her head stubbornly, saying that she preferred to use the wooden plank in front of us instead.

I pleaded with her to listen to me and to use the bridge. It was too late, she heard a loud cracking sound. The plank beneath her gave way and she plunged right into the river.

Expecting the accident, I was already prepared with a rope. I threw it towards Carol and with much effort, she managed to pull herself out of the river. By this time, I was so furious, I did not wait for her to dry before I scolded her terribly. She could have lost her life in doing such a silly thing.




Model Composition 9

Witnessing A Car Crash


It looked as if a storm was approaching. I was standing at a cross-road traffic junction, waiting to cross the road. I have always observed that particular cross-road to be extremely busy, with vehicles constantly on the move. I was headed towards the bus stop across the street, so I turned in the opposite direction of the cross-road to see if my bus was coming.

As I turned back to have a look at the cross-road, I saw a flashy yellow sports car trying to beat the red light. Before I knew it, I heard a thunderous heart-stopping crash. The sports car had slammed head on into a green van right in the middle of the large intersection. Shattered windscreen glass was strewn all over the junction and the passers-by crowded round the scene. I saw one girl rushing to the telephone to report the accident.

For a minute or two, nothing happened. Then, a man got out of the green van. His van was completely smashed in on the side of the collision. He looked shaken and furious. He walked over to the yellow car only to find that the driver was unconscious. Some helpful people went to the middle of the road to help the unconscious man out of his car.

The police and the ambulance arrived at about the same time. They noted down the positions of the vehicles and began asking for witnesses to the accident. I volunteered to give some details since I had seen the whole thing. I did not have time to think about missing my bus.


Model Composition 10

My Classmates


There are about thirty-eight students in my class. We spend a lot of time together doing our projects, homework and going on school excursions. It is no wonder that some of my best friends are my classmates.

I would generally describe my class as a mirthful bunch. Of course, there are several quiet classmates like Wenli and Horace, who prefer to keep to themselves than join in our boisterous behaviour when the teacher is not in class. I sometimes wonder how they are able to block out the noise because we can be most annoying during those times.

The thing I admire most about my class is our ability to work harmoniously together. Co-operation is one of our strongest points as a class. For example, we are supportive of our own classmates who take part in the annual sports meet and swimming carnival. Our classmates who participate, in turn, would get fired up by our constant cheering and encouragement and do better in their events. As a result, our class is always in the top three positions for best athletes.

Our teamwork paid off at the recent inter-class art project competition too. The competition not only tested our creativity as a class but it also tested our ability to work well with one another. We managed to put our brains together and for three months, we worked hard on the project. We were given the silver medal or second place in the competition. Our project is now up for the inter-school art competition, which makes us really proud.

The only thing that makes me sad is that our class will not stay together for long, since we will all go our separate ways after primary six. However, I look forward to future class gatherings and barbecues.



Model Composition 11

My Country


Singapore is not only my place of birth but it is my whole life as well, although I must admit that it has only been twelve short years. I have already seen quite a bit of Singapore in that short span of time. I especially love the green parks amidst these tall concrete buildings. The splash of greenery prevents this place from becoming a concrete jungle which in turn, may become unsightly after many years.

Singapore is an island, so we never have to travel far to get to a beach. Others sometimes take days to travel to a seaside in their own country. My non-Singaporean penpals often ask if it is true that the people here are snobbish. I tell them that just as in any other place in the world, there are bound to be some proud people around. However, the majority of us are helpful and friendly on the streets. As I can recall, I once dropped my wallet in the bus and all my coins rolled all over the bus. Instead of keeping the coins for themselves, I was glad that the people on the bus picked and returned the coins to me safely.

The thing that I am most appreciative about Singapore is that we are not a war-torn country. Peace and harmony are things that we work hard to achieve for Singapore and I am glad that so far, we are managing to do just that. I wish that there was no such thing as war because it does nothing but destroy countries and places. Because of my love for this place, I hope to be able to contribute to its growth when I grow older.



Model Composition 12

The Benefits Of Sports

I have always enjoyed a game or two of tennis with some friends. I also love jogging at a leisurely pace in the evening, when I return from school. These activities not only help me to get out of the house and live an active lifestyle, but they build up my character as well. So how can sports build my character?

Engaging in a friendly game of tennis for example, helps me build a closer relationship with my friends. It means that we share a common interest and we can have fun doing the same thing. Any kind of sports also helps bring out the best in a person. Taking myself as an example, I have learnt how not to be a sore loser.

I cannot always win at a game of tennis with my friends, so tennis has taught me how to accept defeat gracefully. It has also taught me how to co-operate with another person. In tennis, sometimes I play with a partner in a doubles game. When that happens, I learn not to blame anyone if my partner and I lose the game. Whenever we win a game, the credit goes to us both for working so well together.

Jogging, on the other hand, gives me pure health benefits. It helps me unwind at the end of the day and keeps my heart in good shape so that I will not have to worry about my health when I am older. I also have to have patience when I jog at a leisurely pace, which in turn, helps me become a more tolerant person at school. I seldom shout or scold my friends if they do something wrong.




Model Composition 13

A Movie That I Enjoyed

Ever since my parents bought a laser-disc player, I have become a movie addict, watching countless movies in my free time. However, there is one movie which I loved most and its title is `The Lion King’. It is an animated movie which was shown more than two years ago. Many famous people bent their voices to play the characters of the movie.

I liked the colours of the movie best, with red and orange hues in most scenes. This brought out the climate of the desert where Simba, the main character of the movie, lived. Red is also a colour of warning and danger, a situation in which Simba is sometimes caught. His evil Uncle Scar was a nasty creature that used underhanded means to get what he wanted.

Throughout the whole movie, I could feel Simba’s fear, anxiety and confusion in finding his place in the jungle. I was so moved by his character that I even felt Simba’s loss when his father died. Since Scar was responsible for the death of Simba’s father, I hated Scar too.

Watching the movie taught me that life is not always easy. One can never be sure of who to trust because even the people who seem closest to you may betray you. Death and losses are part of life too and every child, like me, should learn to accept it. It is never easy but we must try to face and solve our problems bravely.



Model Composition 14

A  Happy  Dream




I had a happy dream last night. Before going to bed, I had been watching a Walt Disney cartoon programme on television and, in my dream, I was actually at Disneyland!

I was overwhelmed with excitement at seeing all the familiar scenes and Disney characters, especially Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Snow White. I was indeed thrilled and happy wandering around the ‘Fairy Land’.

The children I met there were also friendly. We shared the same joys as we moved around, exploring the magic land. Pinnochio, the puppet, gave me a specially warm welcome. Suddenly, as I was about to follow Bambi into the jungle, someone tapped me on my shoulder. It turned out to be my mother waking me up to get ready for school! I woke up reluctantly, wishing I could go back to my dreamland.


Model Composition 15

Memories of my Childhood Days



My first recollection of my childhood is the day I toppled down the stairs when I was three years old. I was so upset that I cried and cried for nearly an hour in spite of my parents’ attempts at comforting me. Finally, I quietened down when I was given ice-cream and chocolates. Luckily, I was not hurt.

My days were happy ones before I started going to school, as I had good neighbours to play with from morning till evening. We played games outdoors, dressed as cowboys and Red Indians and rode about on our tricycles happily. There were also other games to occupy our time.

At the age of five years, I had to attend kindergarten and this turned out to be quite an ordeal for me. To begin with, I felt very sad having to leave my mother and go off each morning to be amongst strangers. I cried and wanted my mother around, much to my teacher’s displeasure. As the days went by, however, I made friends easily in class and found company. I became happy again and actually looked forward to leaving the house each morning.

I still remember those days when I was learning to ride a bicycle. I fell and bruised myself several times but I never gave up. Finally, I was able to join my friends going around the neighbourhood on my bike.

Another fond memory is the end-of-year concert held at the kindergarten. I was chosen to play the role of Jack in the play, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, and I became a celebrity overnight receiving lots of compliments for my performance.

I now realise what a wonderful childhood I have had and at times wish I could relive those days.



Model Composition 16

My  Best  Friend


Norella is my best friend in school. She is a fair, pretty girl with dimpled cheeks. She and I first met at kindergarten and we became great friends. She is kind, jolly and helpful. We are classmates again this year and we go to school together each morning.

Norella likes to joke and play games. She lives near my house. In the evenings, we usually meet at my house. We sit in the garden and read story books. She is good at Mathematics. So, whenever I find difficulties in my Mathematics homework, I would ask her to help me. Sometimes, when my parents go out in the evening, she comes over to keep me company and we watch television together. That way I do not feel lonely.

I hope Norella and I will be in the same class again next year. I like her very much and she is my best friend.

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