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Having trouble viewing your O Level Results? Here are common errors and solutions

Here are solutions to common Zimsec portal errors. FIRST OF ALL, MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE CORRECT DETAILS AS ON STATEMENT OF ENTRY.

candidate with supplied details not found:

This happens when 1: you are on the wrong province portal, different provinces have different portals (here is a list of provinces and portals: ) 2. You are entering wrong details: make sure your candidate number, center number and name is correct. If you have a second name, only put the initial…start with Surname, then first name then initial for second name if you have one. Don’t forget to choose o Level on the drop down menu. To prevent this error, its best you take out your statement of entry and cross check the details.

password must have a non letter or digit character.

This means your password should have a mix of characters, letters and number eg Password99!

Invalid Date format

The date format should be dd/mm/yyyy eg 20/01/2006

Registration of account has been halted. Candidate already registered another account

You can only have 1 account per student. If someone opens your results, you cant open another account. If you are the one who created the account, just click on candidate login at the top and enter the details you used when creating your account. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the forgot password option – you will need to reenter your details. Otherwise if its someone else who opened for you, you will need to find that person.