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Missionary work in Zimbabwe(1850-1900)

Missionary work in Zimbabwe-history

Aims of missionaries

  • To convert people to Christianity.
  • To civilize Africans-3cs.
  • To teach farming.
  • To teach Africans to be craftsmen.
  • To end slave trade.
  • To promote equality and to promote health.
  • To promote 3r’s
  • To teach new methods of farming.
  • To help mother countries to colonize Africa.

Names of missionaries who visited Zimbabwe(1850-1900)

  • C.D Helm.
  • David Carnage.
  • John Moffart.
  • Bartlomeo Kroot.
  • Thomas Morgan.
  • Knight Bruce.
  • Robbert Moffart.
  • Sykes.
  • Knotshe.
  • Schellnus.
  • Bernad Mizeki.
  • Michael Buys
  • Sehahabane.

Names of African evangelists

  • Bernad Mizeki.
  • Samuel.
  • Sehahabane.
  • Madzima.
  • Funzane.
  • Moshe.

Missionary organisations

  • Roman catholic church.
  • London Missionary society.
  • Presbyterian church.
  • Dutch reformed church.
  • Anglican church.
  • United methodist church.
  • Church of Christ.
  • Paris Evangelical society.
  • Berlin missionary society.

Pioneer missionary stations

  • Inyati
  • Hope Fountain.
  • Zimuto.
  • Gutu.
  • Gokomere.
  • St Augustines.
  • Old Mutare.
  • Marist Nyanga
  • Regina Mondi.
  • St Faith.
  • Chishawasha.
  • Mt Selinda.
  • Nhowe.
  • Subus.
  • Pandamatanga.

Reasons why Africans resisted Missionary influence

  • Africans did not want to leave their traditional religion.
  • Missionaries were blamed for the disaster eg rinderpest and drought.
  • They feared punishment from the rulers.
  • Christianity was meaningless to traditional life.
  • Africans feared that their trade would be disturbed.
  • They didn’t want to learn a new language.
  • Christianity was against Ndebele customs like polygamy smoking and beer drinking.
  • They suspected missionaries of colonial aims.
  • Influence from Islam.
  • Education was very hard for Africans.
  • Africans expected to receive gifts for going to school.

By: T.Titus Nyakudyara
Twitter: @NyakudyaraTitus

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