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The Ties That Bind Analysis – Chidavaenzi

The Ties That Bind Analysis – Chapter 3
Chapter 2
Chapter 1


The concern of religion is raised by Chidavaenzi through the character Lincoln who is coming from a church service .Lincoln is a dedicated member of the church since he recounted in detail the church service after being asked by Lucia.The fact that Lincoln and his sisters said grace before starting their meals gives us a picture of true believers .


The theme of tradition is also articulated through Lincoln who seemed to have turned his siblings into traditional food specialists.Chidavaenzi employs a contrast between traditional foods and fast foods by the use of Lincoln and his sisters to educate people that traditional foods are good for a healthy living.Through the simile “they laughed and joked throughout lunch like old friends ” drives us to a conclusion that Lincoln and his sisters lived in harmony.Women are portrayed as attention seekers as Lucia remarked that “lm  sure there are a number of young women vying for your attention “. Biblical allusion is also employed when Sofia tries to encourage his brother to look for a life partner ” for it is not good for a man to be alone ,which is why God created Eve for Adam.


There is success in the life of Lincoln as portrayed by the trophies and certificates of academic achievements hence the theme of education also .

Mental Disillusionment

Lincoln is mentally disillusioned  because of his tormenting thoughts in his mind which is painful as the simile “slashing his heart like a knife ” is used to inform us.

Self Aspirations

Lincoln had a desire or longed for the warmth of a lover’s arm ,for companion ,a soul mate .


it is explored in the chapter by the phrase “loneliness was Lincoln life companion ” which show that Lincoln was lonely however it seems as if his loneliness is coming to an end if only Chiedza redeems him.

This chapter dwells much on Lincoln’s background and lifestyle . The writer slowly begins to bring out the reason why Lincoln is single. Chidavaenzi employs  a lot of suspense to delay the pace of the story ‘s plot. Lincoln , heartbroken ,filled with regrets over an anonymous “stupid mistake” succumbs to severe loneliness. It is said loneliness was his life companion .

His rhetorical questions like .”what was her husband like ?, Did she have the children she had always wanted ” show how much he misses Anita. It’s also to show his shattered hopes as he and Anita had plans together for the future .

The first paragraph in this chapter may possess an element of cargo mentality …the Mercedes Benz ,the nissan navara twin cab. However , the readers are enlightened to know that whatever Lincoln has is a result of his hardwork. In his display cabinet are trophies and certificates from high school ,University etc

Lincoln is indeed a true  Christian .when asked by Lucia about the church service , it is said he recounted it in detail.

There is use of interior monologue (Lincoln’s supposedly communication  with God) to show that verily , Lincoln knows that God is his helper

Both his sisters are very eager to marry him off

“I wonder if it so difficult to find a woman at your church, given how big the congregation is “

What is the writer saying here?

Is it to say church is for the desperate?

Or is it to say it’s at church were one finds the best wife to marry ?

People who go to church are perfectionists? Food for thought !

The readers also get to see Lincoln as an escapist .the way he’s studious and entirely consumed by his work show that he’s trying to hide from memories of the past. “My work is my woman “..seriously ?it’s quite clear that Lincoln wishes to have someone to him unconditionally. 

Chiedza somehow has a positive impact on Lincoln’s   life. It is said ,” the thought of Chiedza –youthful and refreshingly beautiful –made him look at his life in a different light . Lincoln is not completely hopeless.

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